MENA Microfinance for Women

MENA Microfinance initiative mainly for women but also open to men

With UAE regulations, we have to set up as a trading company. The statutes of the company will keep the Microfinance intention though.

Comment by khalid bin farid on May 18, 2013 at 6:05pm
Geetha thanks for greeting me but it is the first time i am joining a women based organization but it is due to asked me why you want to jon and my interest--my answer is i am a humble servant who would like to start as a volunteer and you can raise me to any level of participation befitting me and your organization.My first suggestin is have few but loyal Hardcorp volunteers and make out first few achievable targets and it is the first few success which will catapault everyone"s morale. because nothing succeed like success-regards to all--kalid


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